About Us

Sanchuan–We are a team dedicated to excellence!

An excellent company is composed of an excellent team. When we founded MF Gearbox, our team embarked on the mission to create a goal-oriented gearbox company committed to excellence, embedding sustainability at the core of our business and product design. Our sustainability policy is to make a positive impact on the environment by implementing sustainable business practices. MF Gearbox is dedicated to sustainable development, as reflected in our core mission, our focus on sustainable business management practices, and our commitment to sustainable production design and supply chain management. We respect our business relationships and strive to be a responsible and accountable partner to global suppliers and customers.


At MF Gearbox: We supply integrated solutions for gearbox and gear design, development, and manufacturing.

  1. We adhere to a high-quality development strategy, aiming to become a leading domestic gear manufacturer and service provider.
  2. With 30 years of expertise in gearbox production design, we believe in mutual respect.
  3. We are dedicated to research and manufacturing of high-precision heavy-duty gear transmission equipment, providing top-quality products and comprehensive services to industrial gearbox users across various industries. We aspire to be the preferred supplier and vital partner for customers in fields such as new energy, metallurgy, high-speed, and industrial transmission.
  • Core advantages:

    Digital manufacturing;

  • Tooth near net shape technique;

  • Fine scraping of tooth surface;

  • Partner with many Fortune 500 companies;


    ISO 14000 & ISO45000



    GB/T 19001/ISO9001

    GB/T 24001/ISO14001

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